CRAVE™ Adult Wet Cat Food is inspired by the diets of our cat's wildcat ancestors. Made with a minimum of 65% animal sources, CRAVE™ Cat Wet with Turkey and Chicken is made from a protein rich recipe that will help support strong and healthy muscles for your cat.


65% Animal Sources: 37% Chicken (liver, stomach, deboned ground chicken, carcass), 14% Turkey (deboned ground turkey), 14% Pork (liver, deboned ground pork), minerals, tapioca starch, chicken broth concentrate


Protein 11 %
Fat Content 8.4 %
Inorganic Matter 2.1 %
Crude Fibres 0.25 %
Moisture 75.89 %
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At CRAVE™ pet food, we understand that cats want the taste and nutrition of a diet that’s rich in animal proteins — and the reason is simple. Protein-rich diets provide the nutrients for a strong and healthy cat, with the right amount of energy to play. Inspired by the diets of their wild cat ancestors, CRAVE recipes are always crafted with high-quality animal protein, the flavour cats love and are made without grains.


  • We recommend mix of complete CRAVE™ dry and a wet food.

    Wet Food

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    Wet Food and Dry Food

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    *A pouch is 85g

Single Feeding

A 3 kg cat needs 1 1/2 pouches daily, a 4 kg cat needs 2 pouches daily, a 5 kg cat needs 2 1/2 pouches daily.

Mixed Feeding

A 3kg cat needs 1 pouch and 15g dry food daily, a 4kg cat needs 1 1/2 pouches and 15g dry food daily, a 5kg cat needs 1 1/2 pouches and 20g dry food daily. We recommend to feed a mix of complete CRAVE™ wet and dry food


Allow a transition phase, adjust amounts and divide it into meals according to your pet's needs.
Offer fresh water.
Store closed, in a cool and dry place.
Call our serviceline for feeding information on.

lazy image = 85 kcal

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When feeding CRAVE cat food for the first time or changing recipes, we suggest you blend increasing amounts of the new recipe with your old cat food for six days.

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